Newcastle United: End the Season Now!!

The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results. Or at least words to that effect. So why am I sat here again writing a piece saying that Steve Bruce has to go. Is it because I like the continual punishment the club I love keeps pushing our way? Is it in some sort of egotistical belief that the things I write are taken notice off? Is it because I have nothing better to do on a Sunday, or any day following matchday? The answer to all three is a resounding no, yet here I am again. The same belief that the man chosen to replace Rafa Benitez is not good enough, The same belief that the players really couldn’t give a s*** about what he tells them. The same belief that Newcastle’s once again brief stay in the Premier league is over.

Saturday nights game against Brighton was nothing short of pathetic, embarrassing, and expected. The writing is on the wall, Newcastle United will no longer be a Premier league club come next season. For me there is only one man to blame, and it is the current manager/head coach, even though at this point I think tea lady might be too much of a tough ask of the former Sheffield Wednesday manager.

Yes the root of the problem is Ashley, he is the one who hired him, the one who continues to stick by undoubtedly the worst manager Newcastle United have ever had, and thats a list that includes Joe Kinnear. Yet the man who supposedly sets up the team, who works with the team however many days a week, is and will continue to be Steve Bruce. The man who has perpetually blamed everyone apart from himself, it got to the point where you felt Ant and Dec weren’t safe from the man affectionally coined ‘cabbage’.

You get the sense that this relegation fight is now firmly between two sides. Newcastle and Fulham, and even though Scott Parker’s side currently hold the final relegation place, he will be the one manager out of the two that will be feeling no pressure at all. After all the London side only need one more win to move out the drop zone. yes Newcastle have a game in hand, but looking at the fixtures, coupled with the lay down and die performance that we were subjected to at the AMEX, you would be hard pushed to see where any points are coming from in Newcastle’s run in.

When I filled out the Chronicle’s relegation predictor, I had Newcastle and Fulham staying up. This was before Brighton went and beat Southampton, and before they completely outplayed us. I had us picking wins up against Burnley and Sheffield United, and a draw against Fulham on the final day. That belief has now disappeared. This may be an over reaction to the performance last night, but coupled with that we asa fan base have been saying since Bruce was appointed, it is entirely justified, regardless of what over paid, out of touch pundits will tell us.

While there will be the option for 10,000 fans to be in attendance at the clubs final home game of the season, a game you get the feeling the club will be working on a fair way to allocate tickets. You get the sense that instead of a fight to be one of the lucky few to step foot back into the ground after more than a year, it will be a fight not to accept a ticket should one be offered. If any fans were to go, and I would understand if they wanted to, each will have their own reasons, the atmosphere would be toxic. It would be 10,000 (at most) angry Newcastle fans telling Steve Bruce exactly what they think of him, something the former Manchester United captain has so far escaped this season.

Looking to social media, as that is the only way to gauge fans feelings at the minute, there is a ‘all from the same hymn sheet’ feeling, that he has to go. Yet when you wake up to the news that our esteemed owner has given him the vote of confidence, due to loyalty and passion for the club, you get the distinct feeling our passion and loyalty is falling on deaf ears. That belief that the club will avoid a third relegation since the Sports Direct owner bought the club quickly disappears.

There comes a point in any relationship when you know its time to walk away, and it looks like the relationship between owner, managing director and manager is as strong as ever. Yet the relationship between club and fans is being held together by the thinnest of threads. It feels like a divorce is coming, and we are asking for custody of the history and memories of a better time. They can have the advertising board that the club is presently.

Unless something is changed relegation is coming this season, to save the hurt of the fans, who by this point are expecting it, just end the season now!

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